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New series upcomming...

2007-09-16 12:19:35 by SuperSaiyanSonic

Hey. A little info on an upcomming series I'm making. It's called Sonic Life. It's basically a series involving a few normal antics of the Sonic characters, but it's mostly gonna be about messed stuff, like Fights, races, educational projects and the works.
Right now, I'm looking for anyone who would like to be the voices of Sonic, Amy, Cream, Rouge, and possibly Eggman. Those who want to do those voices just email me at You must know how to make your voices really clear however. If I do let you do the voices, I'll let you know when the next episode is comming out and send you the script to say and record. Look forward to it!

New series upcomming...


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2008-06-30 15:39:05

sounds pretty cool


2008-10-03 18:08:30

Yo, its Codeh :D

Yeah dude ima make a flash series soon too, Your invited to heeeeelp :P